“NeuroIntensive Care: Update 2018”, June 4-8, 2018, is aimed to improve the management of severe neurological emergencies in intensive care.

The goal of this clinically-oriented week is to provide intellectual interaction with leading experts, to gather the essential information needed to treat neurological/neurosurgical patients, including traumatic brain injury, subarachnoid hemorrhage and intracranial hemorrhage.

The school target audience includes staff doctors/residents working in ICUs, as well as neurosurgeons and neurologists.

“NeuroIntensive Care: Update 2018”, is a second edition of a successful course held at Milano Bicocca University in 2017 (http://summerschoolbicocca.com/017-07-neurointensive-care-course.php).

Fostering a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach, the School provides a consistent set of basic knowledge, updated treatment strategies, clinical scenarios, including hands-on simulations, to be used during patient management.

In a week period, the participants will be intensively exposed to lectures on topics ranging from basic concepts to monitoring systems and treatment strategies in traumatic and non-traumatic neuroemergencies.

The practical part will cover neuroradiology interpretation, the neuromonitoring at the bedside (EEG), and hands-on transcranial Doppler and cerebral echography.